Creative Pixels is proud to bring to you the Business Contact Page Project. No need for a costly business website where you get lost in domain names purchase, web page design and web server hosting complications and hidden costs.  Now you can have your own business webpage with lots of creative features:

- slideshow
- live display of posts sent from your smartphone through twitter
- Googlemaps location of your business
- Contact-us form for your page visitors to fill in, quotation requests, info requests that will be channeled to your own email address.
- Attach your Business Contact Page to every email that you send to bring a new dimension to your emails
- You get a free QR Code that will instantly open your Contact Page. Print your QR Code in letters, flyers and even on your business premises display. Let your customers discover more on what you provide.

Additionally, give your Business Contact Page the trendy touch with video clips, panoramic views and dynamic slideshows, in line with the latest online technologies. All at a very competitive cost.

A simple Business Contact Page like this page you are viewing starts at only Rs 1200 per year. That's Rs 100. per months only.

Your Business Contact Page can be ready in one day if you provide pictures and text description and your own video clip. Our production of a Video Clip will take some time and the cost is to be negotiated but uploading to YouTube and integrating in your contact page will cost no additional amount if you provide your own video.

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