The top most part of the northern region is famous for its calm waters and white sandy beaches, the region possesses dozens of luxury hotels of varied architectural styles, as many lodgings, hundreds of restaurants not to mention the numerous bars, nightclubs and stylish shops endlessly scattered along the coastal road. Grand Bay is the tourist centre of the north and of the whole island being the perfect example of a successful touristic village.
The traditional sellers of Gateaux Piments and Samoussas (Mauritian salted fried delicacies) and coconut water are busy in their activity all day long along the beach roads.

Grand Bay also has a old fish landing station near the public beach where seafood lovers can find freshly caught fish, octopus, lobsters and where good deals can be made by coming at the right time, just after the arrival of fishermen. On the left side of the public beach, catamarans and yachts accost to disembark their heavy catches; sharks, tuna fish and marlins.

Length of 234 mts + much visited + anchoring spot for fishing boats, yachts and catamarans. Not recommended for bathing except for 100 metres on left side of beach, safe with swimming zone + Public Toilets + restaurants, tourists shops, apartments and hotels available, hypermarket at 5 minutes walk + fish landing/selling station + Taxis stand + Bus stop, Triolet Bus Service from Port Louis (Immigration Square) No.20B or 20E. From 5.00 hrs to 18.30 hrs.

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