A visit to the Pamplemousses Garden is a must for the nature lover. The garden was originally the residence of Mahé de Labourdonnais, first french Governor of Ile de France in 1736. His objective for the garden was to cultivate vegetables to cater for his residence and the region of Port Louis. An impressive garden of 25 acres was built by the botanist Pierre Poivre in 1767 who, besides being the island's Intendant, dedicated most of his time in developing the garden and bringing new plants and spices from other continents at a time when such an endeavour seemed nearly impossible. The "Chateau de Mon Plaisir" stands where Pierre Poivre had his own residence in the name of Mon Plaisir (My Pleasure in English). Even today, this garden shelters plants brought from the four corners of the world. A bust of Pierre Poivre, has today been erected facing the Water Lily Pond. His work was continued by Nicolas Céré from 1775 to 1810 and later on during the English period by James Duncan.

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